C System Calls: Overview

  1. The first set of labs use to make system calls in a Windows environment.

  2. The second set focus on essential components of Linux.

System Calls or Function Covered

  • printf(): Writes data to the screen or terminal

  • scanf(): Reads user input from a terminal

  • open():Opens a file for reading or create a file for writing.

  • read(): Reads data from a file.

  • write(): Writes data to a file.

  • close(): Closes a file after reading or writing.

  • unlink(): Deletes a file.

  • remove(): Deletes a file.

  • CreateProcess(): Creates a new process.

  • OpenProcess(): Gets the handle of a running process.

  • TerminateProcess(): Terminates a process forcefully.

  • GetExitCodeProcess() Retrieves the exit code of a process.