Lab 4: Overview

Table of Contents

You’ve learned how to start a Docker container using docker run and docker-compose. In each instance, we used an existing image from Docker Hub to create the container. We had a problem with the WordPress image because the image itself did not support SSL. Now, we need to learn how to build our own images using docker build.

Docker Build

We will build an image from a Dockerfile. The file contains the set of instructions or commands a developer would type into a shell session to configure a server. However, the process is 100% automated. The Dockerfile contains all of the information necessary to configure the image so that it can start as a container in a preconfigured state.

You will learn how to extend an existing image to include additional functionality, such as adding SSL.

Goals for Lab 4

This lab demonstrates how to build an image from an existing Dockerfile.

During this lab, you will learn how to:

  1. create a Dockerfile

  2. build a Docker image from a Dockerfile

  3. extend an image to create a modified version of the image

  4. configure an image and container with SSL support